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Bella - Class of 2019

Another school year is ending for high school students. But for some it is their last year of high school. In just a few short months this years seniors will be in college and starting their adult life.

I love capturing seniors. They have such great personalities and fun hobbies. Bella loves plays, music, Target, and reading an occasional book. Being able to capture these images is so fun.

Bella is not only my client but my cousin. She is actually the person I have photographed most. Growing up I use to make her play dress up and we would go for long walks and take some fun photos. I still can't believe she is a senior and will be going to ASU next semester!

As your senior year comes to a close I hope you remember the good times, good friends, and even the sad times. For all of these moments will make you grow. Come next year you will make your life long friends and start your journey into forming your life.

Congrats Bella!

Class of 2019

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