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O'Connor Engagements

Adam and Dani met working as personal trainers for a large corporate company. They clicked instantly and their friendship grew into that love and connection that everyone searches for. 

Adam proposed on February 16, 2019 at Burn Bootcamp Gilbert, where Danielle works as a head trainer and franchise partner. He took the Saturday morning bootcamp and then recommended they get some groceries before going home.

In the meantime, her family, friends and co-workers, snuck into the gym while they were across the street at the store. After stalling at the grocery store, with Danielle questioning Adam why he was moving in slow motion, they got back in the car and he told her he left his wallet at the gym.

They drove back to the gym and he told her he would run inside to grab his wallet. Everyone was inside the gym and ready for the surprise of a lifetime. In order to lure Danielle inside he told her the refrigerator was leaking and there was water all over the floor.

She did not sound thrilled. She walked in the door in complete shock and pure bliss. She was clearly not expecting him to be down on one knee. Her co-workers were standing right behind him with shirts that spelled out “Will you marry me?” He gave his speech and she said yes!

It was a huge success and everyone celebrated the entire day.

Hearing their love story just melts my heart! They are really as sweet as they sound. Photographing their engagement session was so much fun. I can't wait to capture their big day come Jan 2020.

-Desert Sky Imagery

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